Moharram holiday change notification.

Moharam ni raja 11 september 2019 na roj jaher karvama aavel hati.

je raja have date 10 september 2019 na roj sarkare jaher karel che.


This year, five Indian women celebrated the country's name by winning 2% of the plate in sports. Come on, take a look at those women and their wits, Dutti Chand: The 8th Summer University held in Italy in July, Dutt, has won a gold medal. She was the first Ahila B to win the gold medal in the 100 meter race, global. Hima Das; In just twenty days of July, Hima won five gold medals in various competitions held in Poland and the Czech Republic. 100 meters (2, 5 seconds) at Poznan on 2nd July, 3m (7.4 seconds) at Kuntu on 7th July, R00m at Klondo on 13th July.(1, 2 seconds), 2 meters (2 sec + 5) at Tabor on July 3 and 100 meters (5 O, sec) at Palm on July 3, defeating competitors from all over the world. Hima has made it to the top 10 runners-up list in the world under 20. P. V. Sindhu becomes the first _ Indian woman to win badminton World Championship V. Indus. Previously ૨૦૧૩ and Tomar. Bronze Medals in 9, 8 and 8 - Silver Macra "PV Sindhu, who climbed up the ranks after winning the race, finally won the Gohkamadal at the BWF World Championships this year. That is the No. 7 in the world, Sindhu defeated Japan's Nozomi Okuhara 4-6, 9-9 in nine minutes in the Championship match. Mansi Joshi; he won the goddamn medal at the BWF Para - Badminton World Championships. On the very first day that Sindhu won the Mohamedal, Mansi got this feat. |

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