Important Notice About Navaratri Vacation.

A press release has been published by Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board, Gandhinagar.  Navratri vacation has been clarified.  The press release of Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board, Gandhinagar states that the news about Navratri vacation in the social media is distorted by the truth.  Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board has not declared any vacation on Navratri occasion.  Make a note of it to you.  Only the Diwali Vacation has been announced by the Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board.  Students preparing for a job and getting a government job have to visit the website daily.  This website contains job placement announcements and materials.

The young man asked the monk if you could tell me now where is that black tree?  I want to fulfill all my wishes.  You just show me the place of the fig tree.  Do you know where the oak tree is?
 The monk said that I know for sure where the kalp tree is and I can show it to you.  Did not live from young.  He told the monk to show me as soon as he knew where the kale tree was.  The monk answered in just two words and said, In you!  You have the strength to fulfill your desire.  Fear, fear, doubt, ambivalence are also within you.  Faith, faith, trust, conviction and certainty are also within you.  There is no imaginary tree, man has to create.

 Success or greatness is never easy.  Those who have succeeded may not have been the ones who succeeded by overtaking all the failures.  If there is anything wrong with those people, only then will I be successful.  He had no dowry for success.  If you think poorly, there will be disappointment.  Be prepared for full hard work and trust yourself completely.  What if it doesn't happen to me?  Or I don't think I can, if you think so, your chances of failing are doubled.  To win, you first have to win by heart.  Be sure to trust yourself, they will get half the success.  The other half will be your hard work.  If there is trust, then hard work will be fun, not hard work.  You have to determine your success.

 When I was a kid, nine out of ten jobs failed, but I didn't want to fail, so I started working ten times more.  -George Bernard

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