Important News Report about Police Recruitment and Khali jagyao.

Rajya ni police vibhag ni khali raheli jagya babat news report.

In view of the situation of the state police department, the government has submitted to the high court that Suomoto has filed a vacancy in the police force.  This means that 5% of the sanctioned posts of Gujarat Police are vacant.  In the state, over 8,000 vacancies have been vacated on July 1 against 1.08 lakh sanctioned institutes in the police department.  However, the government has also clarified that the recruitment process for 9719 posts has been started.  So empty The spaces will be reduced to 16,428.

  High court by state government?  According to the details shown there are non-weapons, 8106 police constables and 8019 K of 6 weapon constables are vacant.  Whereas non-weapon police inspectors '1 and sub-inspectors' positions are vacant.  In addition, there are 4784 vacancies of various categories in the State Police Reserve Force.  Out of these vacancies, it is proposed to recruit 1 - 2 for 5 posts.  Work for the police in the state Suomoto was sued by the High Court on condition of doing so and several important vacancies.  In an affidavit filed in the Supreme Court in the 6th, the state government said that 28580 vacancies against the sanctioned establishment of 1.03 lakh police force in the state were vacant as on 31st January - 2.  Subsequently, on March 7-9, the Supreme Court ordered the High Court to prosecute Suomoto and asked the state of Gujarat to clarify the current situation of the police department.

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