How to become an IAS Officer in first Attempt ? - speech by Shrushti Deshmukh

How to become an IAS Officer in first Attempt ?

पहले प्रयासमे IAS कैसे बने? 

22 साल की टोपर टीना डाबी ने वो हासिल किया था जिसे हासिल करने में कई साल लग गए होंगे।  वह अब प्रतिष्ठित भारतीय प्रशासनिक सेवा (IAS) में है, वह भी UPSC सिविल सेवा परीक्षा  में अपने पहले प्रयास में पहली रैंक हासिल करके। 
 टीना डाबी  “मुझे पढ़ाई करना पसंद है।  मैं रोजाना 10, 12 और 14 घंटे पढ़ाई करती थी।  और मैंने अनुमान लगाया कि यह मेरे पक्ष में काम करता है कि मैंने कभी धैर्य नहीं खोया और हमेशा अपनी क्षमताओं पर विश्वास करती  थी। मैंने कभी नहीं सोचा था कि सिविल सेवा परीक्षा बहुत कठिन परीक्षा है, बहुत समय लेने वाली है।  धैर्य, ध्यान, अनुशासन और पारिवारिक समर्थन, मुझे लगता है कि मेरे पक्ष में काम किया।

How to become an IAS Officer in first Attempt ?

Speech in hindi language by Shrushti Deshkukh ::-

One of the world's most difficult exams 
upsc exam . Most students dream of passing the UPSC exam This is considered as the most difficult exam in India.

The rigorous exams like UPSC are tried by many people who want to be a civil servant in every country services examinations.  Successful cases are fewer people.  There are three stages to the civil service examination.   If the question "How to clear IAS on the first try?"  Or "How to clear UPSC on the first try?", You must read to find the answer!  The first attempt at this article was made by IAS.  

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* Here's Google's 21st Birthday. *
 * Do you know how much you know about Google?

 Do you remember life before Google?  What do you do if you need an emergency information?

 You can find the information you need by surfing Google.
 You can find all the information from Google, from the name of the restaurants to the special shop and from the information on the lake at the top of a hill, to the street in the village of the village.

 According to an average, Google does 40,000 searches per second.  According to Forbes data, 3.5 billion Google searches per day.

 And in the process, the world's most popular search engine is not just a search engine, but has become a part of everyday life for people.

 It's a medium of advertising, a business approach, a collection of personal information without fatigue.

 Yeah.  As much as we search Google, it tries to understand our choices and our behavior, but how much do we know about Google?

 * Here are some interesting things about Google in the 21st year of Google search. *

 * Today's Google's Birthday, Birthday Conversations *

 Today is your favorite Google birthday.  Google turned 6 years old today.  On this special occasion, Google has even created a doodle for itself.

  Google celebrated its first birthday in1998, but discussions are ongoing on the date.  It has been decided in the past few years that Google has officially celebrated its birth day on September 27, 2006.  So today is Google's 21st birthday.

 1. Larry Page and Sergey Brin K founded Google.

 2. Google is written google in english, but googol is written in real.

 3. Page and Brain were previously named Bicarb Raku, the company was registered in 1997 and named it Google.

 4. Google made the doodle for the first time on August 30, 1998.

 5. 200 goats have been hired to cut grass in Google's head office.  Your job is to cut the grass on Google's lawn, because, from the machine, the smoke goes out of work.  Which is not good for the health of the employees.

 If you have information about anything you can search Google and find out more about it.  Google has worked to bring information from around the world to the Internet.  The word Yerkh .tm. Is derived from Rખrkhtm, meaning a number followed by a hundred zeros.  Google is a search engine.  Apart from search engines, it has many products, such as YouTube, Gmail, Google Chrome, web browser and blogger.  Google was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin.  He developed Google while studying at Stanford University in the United States.  However, at present, the CEO of Google is a beautiful pitcher of native India.

 * 1 name *

 You know what Google means, if you want it, then nothing.

 The name 'Google' comes from a misnomer of the word 'googol', meaning 1 with 100 zeros.

 There are so many baseless stories behind how the engineer and the student interpreted the original spelling.

 ભૂલ This erroneous name has since become a nickname. All the rest is history.

 * .2.  Backerb *

 The founders Larry Page and Serge Breen named Google's real name 'Backerb', which had nothing to do with messaging, but their main task was to search the pages based on the link provided.

 * .3.  Unique *

 Google is not just about business but also a little more playful.  By searching the word askew in Google you will find the above

 * .4.  Goats *

 Goats are found outside Google's office

 Google says it supports all nature-related planning.  One of them is the use of goats instead of a haymaking machine.

 A large amount of grass grows in Google's headquarters in the middle of the mountains in California.  This grass needs to be cut regularly.

 You can see about 200 goats grazing on Google's campus.

 * .5.  Developing business *

 In addition to creating Gmail, Google Maps, Google Drive, Google Chrome, Google has been buying an average company every week since 2010.

 Google owns more than seventy large companies, including Android, YouTube and Adsense.

 * .6.  Doodle

 Google's first doodle office was about outgoing messages.  This doodle was created on August 30, 1998.

 The doodle has a stick in the hands of a burning man

 She and she were sitting in the Google banner behind the second 'O' of Google spelling.

 Message the Founders of Google to Google users

 Wanted that both people were not present to resolve their technical problem.

 From then until today, doodles have become part of Google's tradition, in which well-known individuals depict the day with certain types of artistic designs.

 * .7.  Google paid opportunity for someone else *

 In 1999, Google's founders Larry and Serge sold Google for $ 1 million only but did not find a buyer.

 Today it is valued at more than $ 300 billion.

 "8. Purpose *

 The main purpose of the organization is to not be evil.

 Whether the company follows it or not, we leave it up to you.

 "9. The Importance of Meal *

 According to Forbes, Google's father Serge Breen had long ago decided that no office in Google should be more than 60 meters away from where food is available.

 It is also rumored that Google's favorite dish in the early days of the company was Swedish fish.  But now the employees of the institute are allowed to enjoy their favorite dishes in the office.

 * .10.  Google's Best Friends *
 You can take the dog to Google's office

 Google employees can bring their dogs to the office.  The condition is that they should be trained to stay in the office and not be dirty in the office.

 * Things you don't know *

 Although Google's index has grown ten thousand times since 1999, Google still values ​​Lego today.

 Vacho Gujarat:
 * Current Mirror 449 *
 * Here's Google's birthday. *
 * જાણ * How much do you know about Google? 🤭🤭 * Part 2

 Google's 21st birthday and Google has already released its very own birthday doodle to celebrate.  The Doodle depicts a desktop computer from 1998 and the old Google home page and the old Google logo.

 * Google is a US multinational company.  Which mainly offers services like internet search, email, online advertising.  The company was founded by Larry Page and Sergie Brin, PhD students at Stanford University.  The company was introduced in September 1.

 * 3 Company headquarters are located in Mountainview, California, USA. *

 Establishment Menlo Park, California, USA
 (September 1998)

 Establishment Larry Page, Sergey Brin

 * Main Office * GooglePlex, Mountain View, California, United States

 * Main people *
 Alary Page
 (Co-founder and CEO)
 Eric Schmidt (Chairman)
 Sergey Brin (co-founder)

 Google operates over 5 million servers in data centers spread across the globe.  The basic service of the company is web search engine and computer software also provides Google Talk, Picasa and Google Talk for instant message.  The operating system used in Nexus phones as well as today's smart phones is also very popular.

 * History *

 Google was introduced by Larry Page and Sergibreen during a resource work in Startup 7.  At the time, Larry and Sergey worked as a PhD student at Stanford University.  At that time, an algorithm could be evaluated on any web site, which gave it the page rank.  At that time, Robin Lee of IDD Information Service created a small search engine called "rankdesk".  That worked on the system itself.  RankDesign Lee patented and formed a company in China called "Awful".

 Appage and Brin initially named the search engine as Beaker.  Because the search engine was evaluating the site on a backlink, the name was then Google.  Google is the mistaken name of the English word googol.  Which means a number that is followed by 2 minds.  In the early days, Stanford University's website ran on a domain called google.stanford.edu.  Then on September 8, a new domain was registered. On September 9, 2009, the company was turned over to the company's first office, Susan Wojeski, a friend of hers, whose garage mill's park was opened in California.  Craig Silverstein, who was a PhD student with him, became the first employee.

 Andy Bekhtolisim, owner of Sun Micro System in the US, helped those people a million US dollars.  When studying in 8, Brin and Page felt that they were spending too much time on search engines and could not concentrate on studying.  So those people decided to sell it.  George Bell, the CEO of the Exit Company, was offered a sale for Rs 1 lakh but was not accepted.  At that time Vinod Khosla also talked about buying the company for 1.5 lakh.  Vinod Khosla was then an investor in the excitement.

 * Key Services *

 * Search

 Search is Google's largest and most popular service.  More than 5% of the world's searches are done on Google.  More than 3 billion searches happen every month on Google.  There are many different types of search in the form of photos, blogs, news.

 * Email *

 The popular email service called Gmail was launched on April 7.  It now offers the ability to store more than 1 Gigabyte, starting with the storage of 5 Gigabytes.  According to the weekly data received in June 1, Google has registered 5 million active users.

 * You Tube

 The site purchased in 1 allows the user to upload the video.  The world's largest video archive site.  The user uploads 6 hours of video per second to YouTube.  Over 1 billion videos are viewed daily.

 * Blogspot

 Formerly known as Blogger, it offers the ability to create a blog on your favorite topic on a site purchased from Pyra Lab in 1, now known as Blogspot.  Blogspot to advertise yourself

 You can also earn money from ads on.

 * AdSense

 AdSense has a Google Advertising project

 Yes.  In which text, photo and video are displayed corresponding to the site / blog.  Displays ads that correspond to the site's visitor location or last transaction.  On which Pay Per Click or Pay Per View can be earned.  This feature was introduced in 1.

 Adsense is one of the main sources of income for a professional blogger.  The vast majority of Google's revenue comes from AdSense.

 * Amps

 Google Maps, formerly known as Google Local.  The facility has the ability to know the distance and route between two locations through satellite imagery.  The current smart phone uses a lot of Google Maps applications.

 * Good news *

 Google News છે is Google's news service.  All current news from that country and the world can be read online at Google News.

 * Textbooks *

 Google Book Service ઍ is a fundraiser for online books.  Users can read books online.  Many books can be downloaded for free.  Many can also buy books online.

 * Google Plus

 Google Plus 1 is Google's social networking website.  In which users can connect with their family and friends.  User can share photos, text, videos and more via Google Plus.  Google Plus 2 is a brand new and very popular website.

 * Google Play *

 Google Play 5 is Google's website for software and games for Android mobile phone operating systems.  There are many software, games, movies, books available for Android mobile phones.  The promoter can download directly from their smart phone.

 * Translation *

 Google Translate is known as (Google Translate).  There are about 5 languages ​​in it.  Which you can translate to another language.  E.g.  Translation of Gujarati language into English

How to become an IAS Officer in first Attempt ?
Speech by Shrushti Deshkukh ::-

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