HC Gujarat Peon Recruitment result personal mark declare

HC Gujarat Peon Recruitment Peon result personal mark declare. high court of gujrat dvara bahar padel peon ni 1149 jagyao ni bharati bahar  padel hati. persnal mark declate theyel che.

HC Gujarat Peon Recruitment Peon result job detail:
name of organisation: guajrat highcourt

Post name: 
hamal, chowkidar, sweeper, jail waden and others post.

Total post: 1149

Job location: gujarat.

That is, human beings must awaken to their own souls buried under the heap of darkness first.  Then in the light of the soul he can see all the equipments of his nature, and then he can conquer it, it is not easy to subdue nature even after enlightenment.  Only by Yogasadhana, no victory over nature can be attained any time soon.  In this regard, Shri Arvind has said: "It is rare in a human being to conquer all the factors of a lower nature only on the basis of his own resolve and desire without the help of anyone.  'Human beings cannot do this work only with their own energy or their own power.  This requires God's grace.  Need their help.  A person should expose himself to the divine power of the Lord.  His intense desire for the spirit of the world and openness to the power of the Lord brings the power of the Lord into him.  It is through this power that human beings can destroy their nature and then transform it.  If any human being practices the rays of dawn, he will receive the power and achievement he needs.  But if their nature does not change then achievement will be the cause of its decline.  For example, a monk who had the power to burn someone as a result of Yogasadhana burned a burning chakra on his head.  Now if after a year of penance, one has the destructive power to devour,So what does this mean?  What is that achievement?  That is, no ordinary hunter can kill a single wound without any kind of penance.  After twelve years of harsh penance, Sapu, who had achieved the task of running on water, told Sriramak that water can be cut off by giving two of these.  Your twelve years of chastity are worth only two!  The true accomplishment of the tapas was not consumed by anything or water or fire.  But the evil inclination of devouring, the ego's ability to look, is overcoming.  Winning over your lower nature and becoming a lord but not a slave of human nature is a true achievement of penance.  But in fact, as man progresses in the yoga path, the powers that lie within him become special conscious.  These Nine Powers do not like to leave their place.  Also, they don't like to be changed.  This is why the patient strives to stay low.  They keep coming back to the chanting of human beings.  Until it is completely pure, the infinitesimals continue to come into it one way or another.  If there is any personal interest in man, hunger or desire for glory, or some small thing, then even a small hole is enough to hold the person in power, and they start to use yogic power for selfish purposes and  Such a human being cannot reach the victory of nature.

HC Gujarat Peon Recruitment Peon result:

How to deal with Jupiter?  How to deal with a guru who is entrenched as a psalmist in the sacred Supreme Guru - Disciple?  How to express affection?  How to avenge their gratitude?  O Gurudev, you do not even look into our dirty, profane, vicious, physical bodies, do not look clean, do not see any disease.  Please forgive us our sins by mercifully entering into it.  Wash away our impurities.  At the point of blood flowing into the nociception, you energize it by flowing into the point.  How thankful you are, how gracious, how kind!  What other motive can be that which, like the power of the guru, cleanses the gall of our heart by purifying our distant mail, in good or nourishment, in dirty places, in the nausea, in the nausea, in the nasal passages?  Such a guru, then a friend, a lover, a mother or a god?  How can we serve such a guru? 
'How can the guru sing the glory that has embraced us and entered us without seeing our clan, caste, karma, virtue etc.?  Therefore, the only Nityananda of the Muktananda's omnipotent, supreme father, deity, joy, meditation and communion is Prananath Nityananda.  Can I pay your debt just by singing 'Aarti karu sadguruki, pyaar guruvarki'?  No, Gurudev!  You are great  This "Shri Gurudev Ashram" is meant to serve you.  O Guru, you are the soul that is communicating within me.  "So" is Nityananda, 'Ahmu' is Muktananda.  Sodham Nityananda, Sodham Nityananda - That feeling is my daily worship to you.  "1 Name: Except 'is your initiation.  Gurudeva is your cherished memory.   Umayyantre Nasi Gurorapi Shivasya Ch.  - One who is a guru is called Shiva, only one who is Shiva should know the Guru.  There is no difference between Guru and Shiva.  Sohumu 'is the meditation you have given me, which stabilizes my meditation.  It is through this mantra that my Sadhana Yoga is completed.  "It was only after finishing with Sohumu that I became calm, satisfied and became" Sohumu ".  It was not only your gratitude, you entered through the mantra and devoured all my followers, washed away the filth, saved me from life.

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