GSSB ITI Supervisor Instructor Question Paper.

Aaje levayel GSSB ITI SUPERVISOR INSTRUCTOR Nu question paper download karo. 


Current Affairs
Appeal for Elimination of Twenty-two Water World Watch »A joint air war study between China and Pakistan was held in Hotan City, China.  This air war study, which was held near Ladakh, from Pakistan: - JF and J6 war towards China and J3 war (two planes were included. Special »Indian Air Force Wing Commander Salija Dhami - became the first female flight commander of India.  That Shalija Dhami is the second largest officer in the unit after commanding Auxir.  The instructor has flown alert and cheetah helicopters.} 'Wow, 0 1 »National Digital 16 {Library Logging was done by the Central Human Resources Ministry. The F,;  Warm app can also be used by people at www .ndi.gov 13, in and through the app.  The bank has decided to hand over Rs 9 lakh crore to the central government, which had earlier handed over Rs 40,000 crore to the Reserve Bank of India on August 3. The number in the year E1 is Rs 1 crore and 5.

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