Dhoran 5 & dhoran 8 ma napas kari sakase official press note.

In order to make elementary education more special, students of Std. 2 and Std. 2 will be taken annually.  T  E.  Notification amending Rule 2 of the Rules, issued in the academic year 1 - 2, implemented in all primary schools of the state on Monday, Gandhinagar.  T  E.  Under the Act, the Government of India also made a significant amendment to the Government of India on 7th January, 1st-5th of Act-VII of the Free and Compulsory Education of Children.  By issuing a notification on 9/3/9, the government has made significant amendments to Rule-1 of Rule-1 of Free Education for Children. 

 This important improvement has been made with the noble purpose of bringing about a resultant and quality change in primary education.  R .  T  E.  The provisions of the Act - 1 - A maximum of any child cannot be stopped in the standard from standard 1 to 4, that is, it cannot be eliminated in any of the norms - 1 to 2, provided that the Central Government has.  T  E.  The State Government also amended Article 1 of the Act.  T  E.  The tools have been improved.  This change will result in significant change.  Under this change, an annual (annual) examination will be conducted at Std. 2 and Std.  If the student fails in this exam, one more opportunity will be given to provide additional education during the two-month period after the annual examination.  

Even if it fails, it will be discarded.  G.  C.  E.  R .  T  Will be taken by  This provision will be implemented from the academic year 1-8.  In the event that a child failing in these exams gets admission in another school, then instead of age based admission, the child will have to re-enroll in the same standard as the one who has failed.  No child enrolled in primary school can be stopped in any standard for any reason other than the completion of primary education.  Also, a child cannot be expelled from school unless he / she completes primary education.  As a result of these important reforms, there will be significant improvement in the quality of the state's primary schools.  The reforms will be implemented by all Government and Granted and Private Primary Schools of the State.


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