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Gujarat Gaun Seva Pasandgi Mandal, Gandhinagar Important announcement  bin sachivalay clerk and Office Assistant class - 3 for direct recruitment of cadre.  Original announcement and dated 12.10.2018.  On-line applications were received on 01/01/19 with update advertisement No. 150- 2018/19.  Competitive written test of the MCQ OMR method - Part 1 at various examination centers in the district.  To be held on 20/10/19.  Accordingly, on 01/10/19 at 14:00 Cl.  Call letter must be downloaded by 12:00 Clk on 20/10/19  Whose respective candidates should take necessary note.  |  Candidates must submit a competitive written test of the first phase MCQ - OMR method, along with the "" accompanying instructions and https: / / ojas.  gujarat.  gov.  in "On-line download must be deleted. Print candidates must first go to the (1)" https: / / ojas. gujarat. gov. in "website to download the entry" ON LINE ".  (2) For the competitive written test of MCQ - OMR method, candidates should click "Call Letter". (3) Then click on "Primary Exam Call Letter" from the box of seled job you want to download the advertisement collateral.  Selecting the ad and typing "Confirmation Number" and "Birth Date" in the fixed box and clicking on Print Call Letter will show your call letter on the screen in a separate window.  Print the call letter and the accompanying instructions (POPUP Blocker must be closed to open the collateral window) Candidates have downloaded downloaded call-letters and instructions which will be very useful for filling in the attendance letter details during the competitive written test and for further examination.  It is a must read.  A link will be placed on this website to download the online call letter.  You can also download the exam new material on the www.vachogujarat.com website.
Bin sachivalay and office assistant call letter download notification.
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