Hello friends,

You will be given useful study tips today. here some Inspirational tips for u.

Study Tips :

  • Waking Up Early and Make a Plan of your study.

  • Waking up fifteen minutes early and making a plan will help you to feel more prepared for the day ahead which will then lead to more effective classes, Studying and, better test grades.

  • Best time for Reading is Morning 3 to 6 o'clock.

  • Morning 3 to 6 o'clock Brain Function 100%.  6 to 9 o'clock Brain Function 50% And Brain Function works only 20% At night.

  • In  life no one and nothing will help you until you start helping yourself.

  • Good Study habits come from pacing yourself. Try to study a little bit each day, rather than saving it all for the week before the exam.

  • Finally I just want to say that's Don't Cram. this all above tips is my personal experience. its no science no etc. so u can do this.

Thanks to Jaydip solanki.

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